The eNonprofit: A Guide to ASPs, Internet Services and Online Software
Co-authored with John Kenyon
Published by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services (2002)

Landmark study of nonprofit ASP landscape. Includes directory of services, beginner’s guide, selection tips, and pros and risks.

The print version is no longer available, but an e-version is available as a download.

Fundraising on the Internet: Renewing and Recruiting Donors Online
Co-authored with Mal Warwick and Nick Allen
Published by Strathmoor Press, Berkeley, Calif (1997)

Groundbreaking book on Internet fundraising and membership development for non-profits written with two pioneers in direct mail fundraising. As well as guiding readers to the Web sites especially useful for fundraisers and teaching them how to use the Internet to research possible donors, this book also shows how fundraisers can adapt the techniques they have already mastered to the special requirements and advantages of the Internet.

Still available for purchase at and other used book retailers.

Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the Online World
Co-authored with Gary Wolf
Published by Peachpit Press/Addison-Wesley, Berkeley, CA (1995)

An early, popular guide to the cultures and counter-cultures of the online world. Part tutorial, part essay, 60 tales from the digital frontier. Translated into Japanese, Italian and Greek.  From Library Journal: “Ah, yes, the Internet is one crazy place. Where else can you find outer-space aliens conversing on one server while another computer will provide you with images of beer labels, while yet another machine serves up locations for mushrooms. Wolf and Stein try their best to show you all sides of the Internet and other electronic byways and paths, from electronic books and magazines to ecologically minded servers to virtual art. Whole books could be dedicated to the subject of each short chapter in this overview of electronic resources. Wolf and Stein provide a well-written summary of just a few places you can visit with a well-connected machine. Don’t let the title fool you; there are any number of serious localities for your use in this guide, and a summary of all of the destinations is provided for your convenience.”

Amazingly still available for purchase at and other used book retailers.