Best of Nonprofit Tech Year-in-Review

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As is my annual custom, I’m reading and keeping track of articles that chronicle nonprofit digital tech trends for 2018 and 2019. I’m updating this blog post as I find new pieces, so be sure to bookmark this page. I also invite you to send me links to other articles I’ve missed.

How Technology Will Shape the Nonprofit Sector in 2019
This article from EveryAction discussed email volume, email optimization, digital fundraising, digital storytelling, creative acquisition, organizing tools, automation, testing, deliverability, and more.

Nonprofit Technology Trends for 2019
This article from TechSoup covers trends in the areas of nonprofit tech, foundation tech, and church tech from some of the smartest people in our sector, including John Kenyon, Sam Chenkin at Tech Impact, Karen Graham at Idealware, Darian Rodriguez Heyman at Blue Avocado, Heather Mansfield at Nonprofit Tech for Good, Tom Bakewell at Nonprofits Insurance Alliance, Chantal Forster at Technology Affinity Group, and Lauren Hunter at Church Tech Today.

Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing Tech Trends to Watch in 2019
This article by Mark Becker at Cathexis Partners shares thoughts on livestreaming, cryptocurrency, automation, Facebook & more!

Top 6 Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies in 2019
This article from Bloomerang discusses content marketing, annual giving, donor retention, major and legacy giving, online social fundraising, the culture of philanthropy, and more.

What Will Fundraising Look Like in 2019? (Part I)

Your 2019 Content Strategy: 5 Trends You Can’t Ignore
As you plan your content strategy for 2019, consider these 5 trends from Altimeter’s 2018 report on the “State of Content”.

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